Put the Lesson Plans Down...

It is officially Winter Break! Well actually my last day was December 15! Those of you that have been working this entire week have truly inspired me. I'm not quite sure how you have made it, but you have!

I'm going to be honest this year has been quite rough for me. As I am finishing Grad School I can honestly only think about graduating and moving on to do something to different. I've never felt like this being in the classroom. I've always LOVED it... but not this year.

Fun and inspiring haven't really been me this year... LOL.. because I have had little to no desire to actually be in the classroom. I have cried many times this year, and continuously asked God what exactly he was trying to show me through this school year... its been BAD. 

The weekend after Thanksgiving, one of my dear teacher friends was killed tragically in car accident. After that, I pledged to myself that I would first and foremost make it to winter break... Which I did!  But then I decided that I needed to take some time and care more for myself and I needed that little bit of extra umph to make it to June... June is a LONG way away.
I have been working on working less and caring more for myself. I think that is honestly something that we all need to do. Its ok to sometimes put the lesson plans down and care for you. If you are so stressed out and worrying about school all of the time, then there is no way that you can be a high functioning individual. You can't be a good parent and you can't be good to yourself. Let's be honest, Teacher burnout is a real thing and if we don't take care of ourselves first then we won't be any good to our students.

Sometimes its hard to think of not doing all the EXTRA things we do as educators, but I think we have to come to a point where we just stop doing those things and start doing more of the things that we love.... do something for yourself, do something for your children, just do something... or than cutting, laminating, lesson planning, shopping.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying that we have to stop doing those things altogether, but twice a month... thats a good start, do something for you!

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